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Accounting services that lead to your business success

We provide a full spectrum of taxation and accounting services to a wide range of businesses. We offer business advice, reporting and compliance services to small and large businesses Sydney wide.

At Tax Accounting Group, we won’t pigeonhole you into a pre-packaged service bundle that isn’t entirely relevant to your business. We believe in tailoring our services to your unique needs. You’ll never be just a number when you deal with us. Our team is adamant about treating all our customers with the same degree of care and attention – whether you’re a multinational company or a sole trader.

Why Choose Tax Accounting Group

Working with Tax Accounting Group is like working with a super knowledgeable friend who is driven to see your business thrive.

We’re your business tax and accounting specialists. Our Sydney accounting services include:

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Small Businesses Accounting Services

We can provide practical tax and accounting help and help you solve your business problems. Our team will take the time to find out what your needs are and meet them. Experts at Tax Accounting Group will ask the questions that will uncover any issues you might be experiencing and help you to resolve them. We’ll also take the time to pinpoint your goals and will then work hand in hand with you to help you achieve them.

Large Businesses and Corporate Groups

Big businesses typically require advanced accounting and taxation support, and assistance with reporting and consolidation. If you head up a large business, rest assured we’ve got all your accounting needs covered with our premium accounting services in Sydney.

Financial Reports and Business Tax Returns

Are you set up as a company, trust, a sole trader or in a partnership? No matter how your business is structured, we have the expertise and qualifications needed to deliver accurate financial reports. And when it comes time to complete your business tax returns, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that we’ve spent the necessary time and attention to detail to ensure your returns are maximised.

Family Business Structures

There is a range of benefits to Family Business Structures. They allow you to minimise your tax and protect your personal assets. Not only can we help to set up a family business structure for you, but we can help you capitalise on the advantages this structure offers. We’ll also help you to effortlessly meet any family tax compliance obligations, so you don’t have to wrangle with them yourself.

Tax Accounting Group | Tax Accountant Sydney | Parramatta | Blue Mountains | Accounting Services for Business | Advice | Compliance | Reporting
Tax Accounting Group | Tax Accountant Sydney | Parramatta | Blue Mountains | Accounting Services for Business | Financial Advisor

Capital Gains Tax and GST Advice

Whether you’re thinking of selling a business asset, buying an investment property, or investing in shares and securities, we can offer the advice and information you need to make a sound decision. We’ll let you know what your tax obligations might be before you make a move – a move that might be detrimental to your financial wellbeing.

Business Restructuring

If you’re thinking of restructuring your business, you really should talk to the Tax Accounting Group first. It’s not as simple as deciding to go from a sole trader to a company. There are a lot of considerations that go into deciding what the best structure is for your business. We can help you align your structure with what you’re trying to achieve. We can then help you by setting up a long-term tax-effective business structure, reducing any complexity and associated costs.

Business Analysis and Valuation

Before you jump headlong into buying or selling a business, talk to Tax Accounting Group. Yes, we know the temptation is just to act. Buying or selling a business is thrilling. But acting in haste can have unforeseen consequences. We use a variety of techniques to analyse a business from a financial standpoint. We can help with the valuation of any business before you sell it and can help you determine the financial performance of a business before you buy it.

International Taxation

Our expertise isn’t limited to taxation in Australia. We can also provide expert advice on international tax rules, associated with international direct investments, and international tax planning strategies. Don’t be bamboozled by complicated international tax rules and requirements. Let us translate everything into plain English for you.

Tax Accounting Group | Tax Accountant Sydney | Parramatta | Blue Mountains | Accounting Services for Business | Corporate


We have appreciated the attention to detail, knowledge and diligence that Rafal has provided in preparing our tax returns over the last 3 years. We are pleased to recommend Rafal for the quality of his taxation services.

Deborah & Richard O.

It was such a relief for me to let Raf do all of my tax return in the past few years. There is alot of thing I don’t know about doing a proper tax return. Since I used Raf’s service, I received a much bigger return that I had previously. One less thing to worry about every financial year: check!

Camellia N.


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