People answering phones in your business are responsible for first impressions. We must equip them to actively listen and be truly helpful; this is a huge opportunity to build rapport & improve the customer experience.


The people who answer your phone are responsible for the first impression of your brand. A sour phone interaction could lead to a prospect defriending your business.

Have an open conversation about how to address callers to position your business as being considerate, empathetic and helpful. We’re looking to build long term customer friendships; it’s essential your first impression is a good one!


Consider the following scenarios and responses:


  1. Team member is available immediately.
    “Sure, I’ll transfer you through to Phoebe now.”
  2. Team member is somewhere in the office, but there may be a small delay in putting the caller through.
    “While I locate Ross, would you mind if I put you on hold for a moment?”
  3. Team member is with someone.
    “Thanks for calling, Rachel is with someone at the moment, in the meantime is there anything I can help with?”
  4. Team member is out of the office.
    “Thanks for calling, Chandler is out of the office at the moment. In the meantime, is there anything I can help with?”
  5. Team member is away.
    “Sorry, Monica is away and will return on Friday. In the meantime, is there anything I can help with?”
  6. Caller wishes to make an appointment.
    “Sure, what day and time would suit you best, Ben?”
  7. Where the appointment time is not appropriate for the person.
    “Joey can’t see you until 3pm, would that be okay with you?”
  8. Caller asks a question you’re unable to answer.
    “Would you mind if I put you through to Janice? She’s more experienced in that particular field. Thanks, I will transfer you to her now.”
  9. You need to ask a question. Don’t interrogate – use a question softener.
    “So that I can best help you, Gunther, can I ask…”
  10. You have kept the caller on hold.
    “Thank you for holding, Emily…”

A phone call is a massive opportunity to build rapport and provide a better customer experience.

Teach your team to open the communication lines with the friends of your business, be that your current clients, future customers, suppliers, or partners. If you’re thinking, ‘Oh I wish I could, but I just don’t want to’, then simply print this for them.